"Russian-Syrian Business Cooperation - Opportunities and Prospects"



On February 26, the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry hosted a forum "Russian-Syrian Business Cooperation - Opportunities and Prospects"

It is necessary to make up for lost time during the war in Syria with terrorism, to restore old ones and establish new business ties and move forward - this was the keynote speech of RF CCI President Sergey Katyrin at the opening of the Russian-Syrian business cooperation - "Opportunities and Prospects in the Congress Center ".

Within the framework of the forum, five roundtables are held on the main areas of cooperation - from construction and agriculture to industry and tourism.

In each area - a huge front of work, ahead of the many projects that will be jointly implemented, said Sergei Katyrin.

The Syrian people, withstanding the destructive struggle against terror, deserve a better future, and the current forum is an important stage in the work aimed at bringing this future closer, said Syrian Ambassador to Russia Riyad Haddad. The forum is held after last year's meeting in Sochi of the Intergovernmental Commission on Cooperation between Russia and Syria, outlined areas for cooperation, in particular in the energy sector. Russian businessmen have already visited Syria. The work of the Russian-Syrian Business Council was restored. The Syrian side pins great hopes on cooperation with Russia.

Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation Alexei Gruzdev in a brief welcoming speech stressed that some cooperation projects have already been developed, many are being developed; The sphere of cooperation is extensive - agriculture (by the way, the Syrian business is already supplying a number of agricultural products in Russia, the deputy minister stressed), in energy, chemical industry, medicine, pharmaceuticals, construction and tourism. It is tourism, because before the war, Syria was in this respect a real pearl, and we must help her to return this position as quickly as possible. According to Alexei Gruzdev, it is very important that Syria now has an honorary representative of the RF CCI - in business, thus, there is one more opportunity to interact.


Sergey Katyrin introduced the honorary representative of the RF CCI in Syria to the forum participants. He became Ahmed Rufami, an entrepreneur working in the construction industry.

The chairman of the Syrian-Russian Business Council, Samir Hassan, said that in the work to restore the economy of Syria, priority is naturally given to cooperation with Russia, a sign of gratitude to the Syrian people for their assistance in preserving the integrity of the country. Now it is important to develop a system of financial settlements, build a business insurance system, resolve the issue of direct transport communication between countries and provide for a number of visa facilitation for entrepreneurs.

Director of the Russian-Syrian Business Council Luai Yusef spoke about the resumption of the work of the business council. Contacts have been established with the Syrian-Russian business council, entrepreneurs have already implemented a number of contracts.


Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Crimea - Permanent Representative of the Republic of Crimea under the President of the Russian Federation Georgy Muradov recalled that the transport route from the Russian peninsula to Syria is the shortest. After the completion of the construction of the bridge from Taman to Kerch this year, it is possible to seriously increase the bilateral flow of goods. Georgy Muradov invited entrepreneurs to participate in the IV Yalta International Economic Forum, which will be held in April. This is a real opportunity to expand contacts, find new partners, he said.

The forum participants continued their work at the meetings of eight round tables: «Agriculture», «Food», Trade», «Construction», «Industry», «Transport», «Fuel and energy complex», «Tourism».

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